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Chemical Dosing Pump Control Board

This Controller is  suitable for Diaphragm pumps that operate with a 220V DC solenoid.   Our controller can give 220V DC pulses at defined pulse rates.


Phase Single Phase
Working Environment Acidic or chemical environment Electronics protected with Epoxy potting
Frequency 50hz/60hz
Pulse Duration 100 to 300 ms
Pulse Frequency 1 - 120 pulses per minute
Warranty 1 Year

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 220V AC
Solenoid current 1 A
Pulse Rate 1 to 100 pulses per minute
Operating Mode Manual & Auto
Pulse rate input Manual : by potentiometer Auto : by 4 – 20 mA signal
Power supply isolation Isolated SMPS power supply
Tank empty input Available
Indication Pulse, Mode and Tank Empty by LEDs

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