Microcontroller Circuits

We design and manufacture Microcontroller Circuits boards for OE applications. Our customers can come to us with Not so clear specification and product ideas. We discuss with them to freeze the requirements and start working right from the stage of Freezing of specification. We take the product through various stages like circuit diagram, PCB design, Software specification, Software development, Prototype testing, Validation, Meeting relevant standards, Certification, Pilot lot production and Manufacturing. We also take up upgrades based on field inputs and handling of Field returns.

Some of Our Successful Products are :

  • Vending Machine Controller
  • Dosing Pump Controller
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters, MPPT Chargers
  • Fuel Level Indicators


Number of Pins 20 On Both Sides
Core Size (Number of Bits) 8 Bit,64 Bit,32 Bit,16 Bit
ROM Type Mask Rom,flash,eeprom,eprom
Operating Temperature (Celsius) -40 To +125
Storage 64gb
Voltage (V) 3.3v-5.0v