Solar Inverter (100W)

Solar Inverter (100W) that we offer is gaining high popularity due to its reverse battery protection, over load short circuit protection and high efficiency. We are named among the renowned Exporters and Suppliers of Solar Inverter. We procure Solar Inverter from the reliable vendors of the market. When it comes to delivery, we go for those shipment modes that make possible for us to deliver retail as well as bulk orders for Solar Inverter on time.

Specification :
  • The product is designed to charge a 75Ah 12V battery using a Solar Panel (100W peak and OCV 18 â 22V) as primary power source and Mains (220V AC) as secondary source
  • The product produces 230V AC sine wave output to power lighting loads upto 100W (max)
  • All features are Microcontroller based and are programmable

Control Logic :
Time of day is maintained. Inverter is switched ON during programmed hours. Mains Power is used ONLY in case of insufficient day light to charge the battery fully before sunlight hours. If sunlight is available (as per Indian conditions) and if the output power is used as per design values, the product is not expected to draw any power from Mains.

Input Side

Primary 100W peak Solar Panel
Charging MPPT charging
Efficiency Above 92%
Secondary 220V 1 phase 50 Hz Mains voltage
Charging Power Factor Corrected SMPS (PF above 0.85)
Efficiency Above 84%

Output Side

Voltage 220V AC
Regulation 3%
THD 5%
PF 0.8